Some tips on how to listen to our audio content

If you are having trouble listening to our audio files there are a few things to know about.
First you need an audio player. An audio player is simply a program that enables your computer to play our files through your computer's speakers. It must be capable of playing MP3 format files or playlists.
If you do not have a suitable player, or have a player at all, i suggest Winamp. It is free, and i think it is the best player ever made.

I you have a player but still have trouble getting the files to play, try right clicking either on the download button, or the listen button and selecting the link location. In your player, there is usually a way to select or open a URL. Click on that and then paste the link location there. This should work.

If you need to download the files, right click on the download button or link, and select the "save as" function. A new window should open for you to select the destination on your computer where you want it to go.

These procedures may not work with all browsers, but they do work with most or all versions of internet explorer, and firefox.